Find your nearest K9000 DIY Dog Wash

To Find your Nearest K9000 Coin Operated DIY Dog Wash type your nearest suburb or postcode in the search field above, this will reveal a shortlist of your 10 closest DIY Dog Washs.

The K9000 Dog Wash is the easiest and cleanest way to wash your dog. Simply deposit your money and you get 10 minutes to shampoo, condition and apply the flea and tick rinse. Because the K9000 DogWash is a fully self contained DIY Dog Wash, it is up to you how you wash your dog. Unlike a hydrobath the K9000 Dog Wash also has a custom built two stage dryer to dry your K9 after washing it. There is also a disinfectant cycle which you can use before or after washing your dog. For a demonstration on how to use the K9000 Coin Operated DIY Dog Wash watch this short video.

Happy dog washing.